Woman looks for mother who left hospital after she was born

Andrea Klug-Napier is making headlines for a second time now that she's on a mission to find her birth mom. Her story was first published in the Spokesman-Review in May 1987, just days after her April 30th birth.

Her birth mother—who said she was 33, single, unemployed, and had given birth once before but gave a false name, address, and references—disappeared from Kootenai Medical Center in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, 12 hours after giving birth.

Andrea was dubbed "Baby Girl Beach" after her mother, who gave the name "Amy Dee Beach," reports KDVR, and she was cared for by hospital staff and adopted 12 weeks later.

Now Andrea is posting a photo of herself on Facebook holding a sign about her search because, as she says in an updated caption, "I am looking for my biological mother. I want to thank her for taking care of herself because I was a very healthy and happy baby. I want to also thank her for going to a hospital where I was surrounded by people that only wanted the best for me." The Colorado woman clarifies that she is not looking for a mother or father, as she already has both.

She tells ABC News that her search is partially health-related as she has bad food allergies and wants to know if there is a medical history that could fill in any details.

As an only child, she says she'd also love to meet the biological sibling hospital records indicate she might have. (You'll never guess where this woman found her birth mom.)

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