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EMS technician suffers heart attack while treating patient with a heart attack

A Detroit EMS technician is being hailed as a hero after treating a patient who was having a heart attack – as he was having a heart attack himself.

While on route to a hospital Saturday morning, Joseph Hardman was performing CPR on a patient when he started to have his own heart attack symptoms, the Detroit Free Press reported.

“He nearly died and had to go to surgery,” said EMS union representative Joe Barney.

According to Barney, Hardman dropped his patient off alive at the hospital and then proceeded to the emergency room, where physicians treated him immediately.  Both Hardman and his patient were given stents and are recovering next to each other at the hospital.

Barney noted that eight years ago, the Detroit EMS department employed 304 technicians, but due to loss of pay and working conditions, the department is now down to a skeleton crew of 150.

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