Staring Down Cancer

All I want for Christmas

I "welcomed in" the holidays with my first real bout of throwing up from chemotherapy. I have had lots of other gnarly side effects over the years, but this week is bad. I am too nauseous to get out of bed so I won't have to feel the pressure of celebrating my birthday. I can just do it with family.

The new chemo I am on is administered for five days, followed by break of three weeks. After Friday, I am hoping I will begin to feel better. And hopefully, a scan in January will confirm the chemo is working.  I have been through so many chemos this year that have not worked, and I am getting really scared. My liver tumors continue to grow and will not stop until we find a chemo that can push them back.

Wish I could go back to that simpler time when, as the song says..."All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!"  As we get older, our Christmas wishes become more serious, more intense.  

My wish is to live, to be able to spend more time with my family, the greatest family in the world.

This past weekend, two of my brothers, three of my nephews and one of my sisters all ran the Sacramento Marathon to raise money for The Noreen Fraser Foundation.  One brother and his son flew in from Cleveland, another nephew flew in from Philadelphia, and my sister came in from Atlanta.  It was pouring rain the entire 26 miles of the marathon, but not one of them dropped out.  I am overwhelmed by their love and feel so blessed to have this family. 

They were so excited to have something tangible they could do for me.  They raised $8,000; it was so wonderful.

Happy Holidays to all.


Noreen Fraser is living with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. She is the Founder and CEO of the Noreen Fraser Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to funding groundbreaking women's cancer research. To stay in touch with Noreen, please 'LIKE' The Noreen Fraser Foundation on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.  Noreen can be contacted via email at