Children as young as five are mimicking the provocative behavior of scantily clad pop stars, an Australian study has found.

Research by University of South Australia academic Lesley-Anne Ey found that raunch culture is rampant among children, who are learning to pout and thrust by watching music videos.

She found direct links between what children watch on television and how they dress and behave.

Ey's study recorded the types of clothing worn by 366 grade one to grade seven students to their school disco.

At the discos, she found junior elementary school children were also dancing "exotically" in an attempt to copy their music idols -- including Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Kylie Minogue.

Ey viewed 402 music videos over a four-month period and found more than 50 percent -- including clips by Lady Gaga and Beyonce -- contained raunchy content.

Australian Council on Children and the Media president Elizabeth Handsley said she was not surprised by the findings.

"Some parents do feel that they don't have any power," she said.

"We would really like parents to have the courage of their convictions to say 'no' to outfits that they don't see as appropriate, and to be aware of the possibility of long term damage of their children's self-esteem if they buy into a sexualized image of themselves."

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