The Latino Diabetes Problem in El Paso, Texas



El Paso, Texas, is a predominantly Latino town with a big problem: diabetes. 

The city is 82 percent Hispanic and more than 85,000 people have diabetes in El Paso, according to Borderzine.

The border city, with a population of more than 800,000, has long been considered one of the unhealthiest cities in America, with a high rate of obesity that saw Men's Fitness magazine rate it as the seventh most obese city.

"Texas is one of 28 states that participate in a CDC-sponsored program to reduce obesity and other chronic diseases," according to the magazine's website.

Obesity is one of the main causes of diabetes and the El Paso Diabetes Association (EPDA) says that as many as 25 percent of those stricken with the disease in El Paso don’t know they have it.

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Carmen Enriquez a diabetes educator with EPDA, told Borderzine their mission is to empower diabetics. 

“Our mission here at the El Paso Diabetes Association is to eliminate diabetes and its complications through empowerment, promotion, detection and access,” she told the online magazine.

To read the full story, visit Borderzine.

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