Katy Perry forced to eat Taco Bell during Witness World Tour

Katy Perry had to eat in fast food joint Taco Bell after Glasgow’s top restaurants snubbed her.

She told fans about her dining woes as she stormed the SSE Hydro on her Witness World Tour.

Katy said, “I was on the Internet looking up the top 25 places for dinner.

“Some are really fancy, some only sit like 10 people.

“I called a couple of places and couldn’t get in anywhere.

“On the list at the very end it said Taco Bell, so I went there – and then I went to your movie theatre.”

Fresno, United States - April 12, 2014: Taco Bell restaurant in Fresno, California. Taco Bell has 6,446 restaurants and serves more than 2 billion customers yearly.

She told fans about her dining woes as she stormed the SSE Hydro on her Witness World Tour.  (iStock)

Earlier today she lapped up the sunshine by cycling to the venue along the River Clyde and chatting to fans, who got free gig tickets.

Katy, 33, raved, “Did you get the gift I brought you? The beautiful California weather.”

It was a spectacular show summed by Katy doing Wide Awake, playing guitar on a planet soaring above the crowd in the rafters.

Other smash hits were cranked out like I Kissed A Girl, Hot ‘N Cold, Teenage Dream, Roar and E.T – and there was even a dancing shark.

Katy said, “I’m not one of those pop stars from America who thinks you’re British. Don’t make that mistake."

“And you are definitely not Irish," she added.

“We’re sharing this planet together but there’s definitely something about Scottish pride and you don’t mess with the people from Glasgow," she said.

The set also had some of her recent stuff including standouts Roulette and Dark Horse.

And Katy closed the show with banger Firework.

This article originally appeared on The Scottish Sun.