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10 hangover cures so strange they just might work

Rough night? These unusual global remedies could be the cure.

Rough night? These unusual global remedies could be the cure.  (iStock)

Hit the bottle a little too hard on New Year's Eve? 

You're not alone. Just think, there are some revelers in nearly every country around the globe commiserating together on Jan. 1. 

So it should come as no surprise that many nations have their own unique concoctions to help ease the throbbing head and the queasy stomach after a night of too much drinking. 

But if you think it's all a version of the greasy breakfast, think again.  The world's got some shocking and downright repulsive ways to get rid of a hangover.  

U.K-based graphic design agency NeoMam, has created infographics outlining the world's strangest hangover cures. They're pretty wacky, but they might just be strange enough to work. 

If you're stomach's not already churning from the drink, cures like sparrow droppings in brandy and pickled sheep eyeballs in tomato juice, should do the trick. 

From Hungary


From the U.S.


From New Zealand 

New Zealand.

From the Philippines


From Mongolia


From Scotland


From Namibia 


From Peru


From the U.K.

United Kingdom.

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