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7 rum inspired drinks

Even if you're not Captain Jack Sparrow who has a healthy thirst for rum, you can still celebrate National Rum Day on Aug. 16 with these delicious drinks. 

  • 1. Back Porch Tea

    Back Porch Tea

    Cindy Busi

    Made with gin, rum, elderflower liquer, and lemonade, this drink packs a punch of flavor but is also refreshing. This drink is served at Hard Rock Cafe's across the country now through Labor Day.

    Back Porch Tea Recipe

  • 2. Bull Moose

    Bull Moose

    Bully Boy Distillers

    Take a trip back to Prohibition-era Boston with this libation from the city’s first craft distillery, Bully Boy Distillers. This simple yet delicious drink is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion.

    Bull Moose Recipe

  • 3. Mojito Remix

    Mojito Remix


    The citrusy  juice makes a great base to a mojito that you can make fast. 

    Mojito Remix Recipe

  • 4. Bajan Rum Punch

    Bajan Rum Punch

    Elegant Hotels

    Chill out and ‘lime’ by the beach with this refreshing fruity concoction. Infused with lime juice, a dash of Angostura bitters, a hint of nutmeg and a falernum floater, this drink certainly packs a punch.

    Bajan Rum Punch Recipe


  • 5. Long Island Iced Tea

    Long Island Iced Tea


    This drink is loaded with colorful flavors and is a twist on an old classic. It's made with vodka, tequila, rum, and gin, so beware.

    Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

  • 6. Firecracker Shots

    Firecracker Shots

    Sparkling ICE

    This fruity and sparkling shot, made with Sparkling ICE lemonade, will add some sizzle to your shot glass.

    Firecracker Shots Recipe

  • 7. Manhattan


    Flor de Caña

    Swap out the whiskey for some rum and maraschino liquer to achieve this gorgeous and delicious drink.

    Manhattan Recipe