Buffalo Wild Wings drops Obamacare surcharge

The chicken wing has taken a diner surcharge off diner receipts after backlash.

The chicken wing has taken a diner surcharge off diner receipts after backlash.  (Buffalo Wild Wings)

Diners were so upset that the Howard Restaurant Group, which owns Buffalo Wild Wings, added a surcharge to diners' bills to help offset Obamacare that the chain scraped the idea just 24 hours after instating it, reports KAMC.

"A 2% surcharge on all guests checks was to offset the cost of the federally mandated healthcare,” the group announced last Tuesday. 

But some were not prepared for the extra fee.

"What caught me off guard was they didn't tell me, I mean the waitress just laid the ticket down and didn't say 'Oh there's going to be...' there was no explanation," Cookie Armendarez, who dined at Buffalo Wild Wings last week, told KAMC after she noticed an extra 40 cents on her bill.

Armendarez was not the only customer who complained.  

"I probably would think twice about going back to that place if they were adding a surcharge," said Buffalo Wild Wings patron Janie Willis.

The company said it removed it due to customer feedback. 

"The health care surcharge at our franchised Buffalo Wild Wings in Lubbock, TX has been removed. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. Our priority is to always provide our guests a great experience every day so they can enjoy our wings, beer and sports," Heather Leiferman, Director of Public Relations for Buffalo Wild Wings, stated in a release.

Restaurants around the country—including many upscale eateries in Los Angeles—have been tacking on an extra 1 to 5 percent receipt surcharge.

The Affordable Care Act mandates that business with more than 100 employees provide “affordable health insurance” to staff members.