Musician Two Feet hospitalized after tweeting suicide note, 'goodbye' messages

Musician and songwriter Two Feet was admitted to the hospital and put under observation after he posted a suicide note on Twitter.

Two Feet, 25, whose real name is Zachary William Dess, posted a number of tweets on Monday saying “goodbye” to his friends, the BBC reported. The tweets have since been deleted.

“I don’t feel like living anymore,” the New York-based musician tweeted with a caption that read “goodbye.”

“I love you so much,” he wrote. “I hope I’ve helped you in some manner.”


The singer then promised to release his unfinished music before ending his tweets.

“I know it may be odd posting a suicide note on Twitter. But that’s the world we live in.”

Following his posts, a number of musicians tweeted their concern.

“Please take this is as a sign not to. We love you and so do so many people. Please keep fighting, Zach. Please,” DJ duo Louis the Child tweeted.

“I texted you. We can talk through it. Call me,” singer Rozes tweeted. “I can help, please choose to stay.”

A few hours later, Two Feet’s father tweeted from his account to let his fans know that the singer was in the hospital.


“This is Bill’s father, Guy. I’m at the hospital. Bill is breathing. He is under watch. Thank you for your blessings,” the tweet read.

A few hours later, an update was posted.

“UPDATE: Bill is recuperating and being held for observation. He will survive. Thanks to everyone for their heartfelt concern. This is a very difficult time for us. We appreciate the outpouring of love. – His father,” the tweet stated.

Two Feet was best known for his hit “Go F--- Yourself.” The song has more than 153 million listens on YouTube. Following the hit song, Two Feet was signed to Republic Records. Musicians such as Ariana Grande and The Weeknd are also with the company.

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