Bruce Weber accused of sexual misconduct by four more models

Four more models are accusing famous fashion photographer Bruce Weber of sexual misconduct.

D.L. Janney, Christopher Cates, Alex Geerman and Ryan Vigilant went on the record with allegations against the photographer in a report published by The Business of Fashion. The models’ assault allegations date back to 1982.

Janney, who just released a memoir about his experience in the industry, told Business of Fashion that he believes he was blacklisted from the industry after refusing Weber on two separate occasions. In 1982, Weber allegedly asked Janney to strip naked during a shoot for British Vogue and, on another shoot for GQ, Janney and his brother were asked by the photographer to take off their shirts and “pretend to be boyfriends,” Janney said.

The three other models alleged that Weber touched them inappropriately while on the set of photo shoots. 

In 2006, Christopher Cates said he visited Weber’s home in Miami for a photo shoot. While there, Cates says the photographer allegedly proceeded to invite models to his guest bedroom away from the shoot crew. When it was Cates' turn for the shoot, he said that Weber asked him to remove his clothes and then touched him inappropriately.

Alex Geerman, a former model and massage therapist, worked with Weber in 2008. According to Geerman, Weber asked the model to do “breathing exercises” that involved non-consensual touching around the genitals.

“I didn’t understand what he was doing, and he didn’t explain it,” said Geerman.

The former model said he left the studio that day feeling disturbed and confused.

Also in 2008, Ryan Vigilant said that he too was touched by Weber during a photoshoot but never wanted to name the photographer. He was later inspired to call out Weber after reading his response to the New York Times article that stated both Weber and Vogue fashion photographer Mario Testino behaved inappropriately. In the article 15 former male models accused Weber of assault in addition to 13 male assistants who accused Testino of unwanted sexual advances. 

Weber was sued back in December by Jason Boyce, a model who accused him of assault and told the New York Times that Weber’s behavior was “well known” within the industry.

"Anytime you’d bring up Bruce it was always like, ‘Oh yeah he’s a little weird, he’s a little creepy, he does these weird breathing exercises,’” said Boyce. “That’s as far as anyone would talk about it. No one would ever fully-fledged say he assaulted me. It was always like a shrug it off, ‘Oh well, let’s not make this a big deal,’ as men do, ‘Let’s not make this a big deal.’”

Boyce filed the lawsuit against Weber in New York State Supreme Court and is represented by lawyer Lisa Bloom.

Weber denied all the claims against him. 

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