Fun Stuff: The Waltons, pink Ferraris, and the price of bones

Michael Learned AP

Where we talk to a “Waltons” star, examine Ferrari color directives, chart the price of bones, install an outdoor shower, try to find a clean hotel, resolve to lose weight, and debunk the “caveman regimen.”

Entertainment + Celebs

'The Waltons' star Michael Learned looks back at show's success, personal regrets

When “The Waltons” premiered on September 14, 1972, Michael Learned thought a TV drama about a Depression-era family living in Virginia’s rural Blue Ridge Mountains wouldn’t survive past season one.

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Food + Drink

Bone prices skyrocketing thanks to broth-loving foodies

Foodies are driving up the price of marrow-laden bones that farmers used to practically give away.

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Cars + Trucks

Ferrari is definitely not in the pink, bans color from its cars

What would Mary Kay say?

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House + Home

Installing an outdoor shower? Here's 5 things you need to consider

We already grow our food outside, cook outside, eat outside, play outside and even sleep outside. So why not shower outside?

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Travel + Outdoors

Looking for a clean hotel? Don't just trust ratings

When you’re booking your next hotel stay, you may want to look past the star ratings and have a gander at the cost and reviews.

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Fitness + Wellness

How to lose weight and overcome food addictions

I honestly can’t remember a time when I wasn’t consumed by thoughts of food.

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Style + Beauty

Why the 'caveman regimen' is a scary example of beauty advice gone wrong

Several years ago, a strange beauty trend called the “caveman regimen” began circulating on the internet: Proponents claimed that following the regimen — which involved avoiding all skincare products — was the key to avoiding acne.

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