Stars have been known to try some pretty extreme wellness trends, including cupping, vitamin IV drips and freezing their bodies with Cryotherapy. Now, we’ve learned that some celebs also opt for "bite massages."

It’s exactly what it sounds like -- a celebrity massage therapist bites the backs of some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Celebrity massage therapist Dorothy Stein told Billboard she has bitten the backs of Simon Cowell, Juliette Lewis, David Bowie and Kanye West.

She said Lewis “loved it” while Cowell “didn't want it too hard.”

Stein’s A-list client list also includes stars like Katy Perry, Courtney Love and Robert Plant.

Stein, 48, goes by the nickname “Dr. Dot” and charges $150 to $250 per hour.

She told Billboard she doesn’t bite during every massage.

"I'm not just going to bite someone," she said. "Mariah Carey didn't want it. She's a germophobe."

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