'The Bachelor' recap: Season's 'villains' go head-to-head in dramatic two-on-one date

Last night's episode of "The Bachelor" was one of the most dramatic yet, but it couldn't even kick off until fans saw what happened after last week's cliffhanger -- a sobbing Kelsey lying on the floor after suffering a panic attack.

The other girls weren't buying it, looking at each other skeptically and not making any moves to help a wailing Kelsey.  

As she was being tended to by an EMT, Kelsey smirked under her oxygen mask, and told the woman that she better get a rose.

"Let's just cut to the chase," she said laughing.  

She requested Chris come to her side and comfort her.  The girls were livid.  

"Another conniving move by Kelsey," Ashley said.

"The timing of this is very suspicious," Carly said of the incident, which happened right after Chris announced there would be no cocktail party that night.   

They finally got around to a rose ceremony and Samantha and Mackenzie (who?) were eliminated.

The episode cut to the following week, with Chris and the remaining ladies in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Chris had a one-on-one horseback riding date with Becca.

"This is the most easy, most real date I've been on," Chris said of Becca, before giving her a rose.

This week's group date was a country song-writing lesson from famous duo Big and Rich. Chris and the women had to perform their songs at the end of the date.   

Instead of giving away a rose during the post-date cocktail party, Chris whisked Britt away to a Big and Rich concert and gave her a rose on stage in front of a cheering crowd.

The other women were devastated when Britt got back from the concert and several of them started to cry.

"His connection with her is obvious to me," Kaitlyn said. "It's in everybody's faces."

Up next was the highly anticipated 2-on-1 date with arguably the most disliked women -- Ashley and Kelsey. 

"I'm so excited to kick Kelsey's a--," Ashley said, grinning before the date. "I feel like every girl here is gonna root for me and if I lose, I can't even imagine the kind of s--- that's gonna go down in this hotel afterward."

The trio went on a helicopter ride by Mount Rushmore, followed by an awkward picnic in the Badlands.  

The women were completely silent until Chris took each of them away for some alone time.

Ashley doesn't waste a second, immediately filling Chris in on the fact that the women all hate Kelsey.

Chris took Kelsey for some one-on-one time to ask her about it. Uh oh.

"The person I'm gonna marry, I want them to be able to handle social situations well," Chris said. "Someone who people want to be around.  Ashley just told me that you're a big fake. That scares me."

"I'm so hurt by that," she said crying. "I considered Ashley someone I could trust and be friends with. I would hate for you to let go off all of the potential between us because of girl talk."

On her walk back to the picnic site, Kelsey flipped out.

"She's a Kardashian who didn't get to go on a princess date, and has way too much makeup on to be genuine," she said of Ashley.

In a genius move by producers, Kelsey returned to the picnic without Chris, so it was just her and Ashley.  For what seemed like 10 minutes, Kelsey stared icily at Ashley, who looked away sipping wine.  

Then Kelsey broke the painfully awkward silence.

"I know what you did."

Ashley went off.

"You think I'm not as smart as you because I don't use big words?" she asked Kelsey.  "You and I both have our master's and I have it from a good place. And if you don't think I'm intelligent enough to see through you, you're freakin' hilarious."

"She needs to go home and play dress up just like she has for the past 24 years," Kelsey told the cameras.

Ashley ran away to Chris to tell him she was angry that he revealed their conversation to Kelsey -- and Chris sent her home. 

"Regardless of what happened today, I feel like at this point in my life that we're in different places," he said. "Knowing the lifestyle I live and the world I live in, I don't know that you'd be happy."

Ashley became hysterical.

"I tried to help you," she said, walking away sobbing.

Back at the hotel, the women saw a producer remove Ashley's suitcase from the room and assumed Chris picked Kelsey. 

"I don't know what he sees in Kelsey," Whitney said. "I tell myself to trust, but it's becoming more difficult."

However, in a shocking move, Chris sent Kelsey home, too. 

"I just don't know if it's there between us," he told her. 

The women saw the producer come back for Kelsey's suitcase, too, and erupted in cheers.  The women jumped on the couch celebrating and Carly broke out the champagne. 

And with that, Chris got in a helicopter, leaving both Kelsey and Ashley alone without a ride in the Badlands.