For most of her international career, Thalia has been plagued with rumors that she removed two of her ribs to seem thinner.

Ending years of speculation, the Mexican superstar apparently confirmed via social media that she had in fact removed her ribs.

“To all my loving Filipino fans, here is the proof. My Famous Ribs, I kept them with me all these years,” she captioned a picture on Instagram of her and what looks to be ribs in a jar.

The entire saga began when a host of “Aquino and Abunda Tonight,” an entertainment show in the Philippines, mentioned the long-standing rumor regarding Thalia’s ribs.

The singer said she watched the particular episode and tweeted on Aug. 9: “To all my Filipino fans I would like to set the record straight about this issue, the Chimis is totoo. To be continued.”

The Instragram snapshot followed a few days later.

Thalia has not spoken out further on the rumor, but from the looks of it, the story has come out.

According to the Plastic Surgery Portal, rib removal involves extracting the lower ribs to create a slimmer waist contour. Most commonly ribs 12 and 11 – also known as the “floating” ribs – are removed while the 10th pair of ribs are occasionally removed.

The “floating” ribs only cover the organs from the back and not the front. This kind of surgery is not commonly performed in the United States.

“Most board-certified plastic surgeons feel that rib removal is too extreme of a procedure to be performed for cosmetic reasons,” the Plastic Surgery Portal wrote.

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