Rhea Perlman is going back to a place where everybody knows her name... television!

The "Cheers" star has been cast in the third season of Fox's "The Mindy Project" in a recurring role, TVLine reports. Perlman, who played grumpy barmaid Carla in the famed '80s sitcom, will play mother to Danny (Chris Messina) on the Mindy Kaling-starring comedy.

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Dan Hedaya, who played Perlman's husband on "Cheers," also appeared on "Mindy Project" as Danny's dad. Perlman most recently appeared on TV Land's Kirstie, which was a "Cheers" reunion of sorts with Kirstie Alley playing the lead in that show. Perlman won four Emmys during her run on "Cheers."

Season 3 of "The Mindy Project" premieres Sept. 16 on Fox. 

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