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Taylor Swift's Pastel Crop-Top and Kate Upton's 'Topless' Instagram Post



Here's what's happening out there:

On Tuesday, Taylor Swift sauntered around New York City in a midriff-exposing crop top. But then she paired it with a high-waisted skirt, almost completely negating any of the midriff-exposing qualities of the former.

Reports keep suggesting that Kate Upton posted a a "topless" picture (below) to Instagram on Monday, but it's not as revealing as the word "topless" suggests. It's good to see proof that "tasteful" and "topless" aren't mutually exclusive.

David Beckham, on the other hand, actually is truly topless in his new H&M ad campaign, but that's really nothing new. That guy just can't seem to keep his clothes on.

Megan Fox posed in a plethora of revealing outfits for the August issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. She also told them she finds Ellen DeGeneres to be the sexiest celeb, probably because uttering the words "Luke Perry" or "Jason Priestley" would send husband Brian Austin Green into fits of rage.

Cameron Diaz was photographed in various states of undress for Esquire magazine, probably in an attempt to help everybody forget about the time she went on Dr. Oz to talk about 

The first trailer for "Horrible Bosses 2" has hit the web, and man, it certainly looks like those bosses are still horrible, for anyone out there who was worried!

On Monday, Robin Thicke hosted an Ask Me Anything session and received almost nothing but accusatory questions regarding his misogynistic lyrics and VMA performance, as opposed to queries about where he gets his hair cut, as he was presumably hoping for.

Gisele Bündchen is sporting a super-short crew-cut in her new Balenciaga ad campaign (below). We're not sure if she shaved her head or just wore a wig, but we can say this for certain: Bündchen is a very handsome woman.

All this talk about haircuts is probably making Miranda Lambert jealous, because we've yet to mention her new bob haircut. Happy, Miranda Lambert?!?

Maxim's fourth hottest woman, Sports Illustrated model Irina Shayk, modeled topless for the cover of the magazine's July/August issue. Must've been awkward, considering the publication thinks there are three other women who could do it better.

The Travel Channel has yanked Adam Richman's "Man Finds Food" from the air after he ranted at an Instagram commenter and suggested she commit suicide. But now we'll never find out how man found food!

Despite earlier reports, Shia LaBeouf is not entering rehab, but getting outpatient treatment for alcohol addiction. His rep declined to say whether he'll also be seeing treatment to overcome his proclivity for slapping strangers' butts.

Robin Williams, however, is checking into a Minnesota rehab center in an effort to maintain his sobriety. Funny, we always thought it was his hilarious addiction to cake frosting that would be his undoing.

And finally, Disney World will be adding "Food Truck Park" to its growing list of attractions, because they're not even pretending they're not out to steal your cash anymore.