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Katy Perry Models Bikini Top and Short Shorts on Tropical Getaway



Katy Perry is currently between the first and second legs of her Prismatic World Tour, and she's taking some time off to relax in a tropical paradise.

On Sunday, the 29-year-old singer posted a photo from her luxurious vacation to Instagram, modeling a swimsuit that couldn't be more Katy Perry unless it was literally squirting whipped cream from the cups of her bikini top:

In addition to smiling and experiencing a relaxation that most of us have never known, Perry is also holding a piece of artwork reading "You Walked In, I Smiled," which she attributes to her stylist buddy Cleo Wade.

It's still unclear exactly where Katy is soaking up the sun, but her previous Instagram activity may have given away a slight hint. On Saturday, the singer included the Jamaican Patois word "irie" in the comments of her selfie (below), writing, "Swaying on the hammock under mango trees, fresh freckles on my face, everything irie," and punctuating her comments with a tiny palm tree emoji.

Perry's Prismatic World Tour only began about a month ago, but we can't blame her for planning a getaway so soon into her schedule; the Prismatic tour continues on June 22 in Raleigh, North Carolina, and doesn't wrap up until March 2015 after more than 80 concerts in North America, Europe and Oceania.

So enjoy this moment of calm while it lasts, Katy. They might be your last for a very long while.