For almost two decades, American logger Sean Vann has been logging Russian forests, and battling lingering Cold War tensions in temperatures that run even colder. 

Now after years of attempting to forge deals with suspicious Russian comrades, Vann has his big chance to run his own logging operation.

In Siberia.

Vann's trials and tribulations are the subject of Discovery's forthcoming docu-series "Siberian Cut," which follows him through a three-month contract and become master of his own destiny.

But building his own empire of fortune doesn't happen alone. Vann brings four American loggers to the frozen wilds to work alongside his own Siberian crew. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars to be made if they can cut it, but with the hope of big bucks also comes added danger, and the men must work side by side with a Russian crew who have a very different view of the world, and of working.

"Siberian Cut" premieres on Discovery Tuesday June 3 at 10pm ET/PT.

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