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Giuliana Rancic Names Russell Crowe as Her Meanest Celebrity Interview



Surprise, surprise: Russell Crowe is kind of a jerk in real life. At least that's the impression he left on Giuliana Rancic when she interviewed the actor during her early years as a celebrity correspondent.

The E! personality and "Fashion Police" co-host appeared on Wednesday's episode of "Watch What Happens Live," where Andy Cohen relayed a fan question asking whom Giuliana would consider her "most awkward interiew."

Rancic thought for a moment before the answer hit her like a ton of "Gladiator"-shaped bricks. "Duh! Russell Crowe was so mean to me!" she told Cohen.

"I had been at E! like a year, and I literally — I was like, I'm gonna go easy, because he's pretty tough," the correspondent recounted. "And I said, 'So, you know, are you excited to be here tonight? Your big movie premiere?' and he goes, 'I'm contractually obligated to be here. What's your next question?'"

But that wasn't the end of it, according to Rancic. After quickly regrouping, she turned to the Australian actor with a different question. "So I go, isnt this so wonderful? Seeing all the fans?' And he goes, 'That's your second question?' And he goes, 'One, two, you're through' and walked away."

Watch her tell the story here:

We've got a feeling she won't be lining up to buy tickets for "Noah" anytime soon.