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Taylor Swift's New Supermodel BFF and Kate's Party Plans With the Queen



Here's all the gossip we keep hearing:

 just weeks ago, but the attention-loving supermodel might have a new, way more famous BFF. Taylor Swift uploaded an Instagram video of herself, tour-mate Ed Sheeran and Delevingne singing a "Heartbeats" by The Knife. You know, just chillin' together. Totally impromptu.

Delevingne was also spotted wearing an off-putting set of gold teeth on a lunch date with her old pal Rodriguez.

During the filming of "Magic Mike," Matthew McConaughey said he tried to carry on conversations with the cast and crew in nothing but thong, because it helped him get a feel for the character. Dude's so method.

LeAnn Rimes, although not a professional swimsuit model, made a swimsuit-soaked spectacle of herself eating a sandwich in Hawaii. Her tiny tattoo was also clearly visible.

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II are planning to co-host a reception to honor the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Hopefully, it will result in some sitcom-worthy shenanigans.

Jay Leno finally signed off as the host of "The Tonight Show." But he's done this once before, so who knows. Maybe he had his fingers crossed or something.

Why should the summer Olympians have all the scantily-clad fun? Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn got to bare some skin for the latest issue of Self, where she also says she and Tiger Woods are good for each other.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" actress Dakota Johnson told Elle magazine she has "no shame," then proved it by stripping down for a photoshoot.

In retaliation for their Golden Globes jokes, George Clooney says he has a "pretty brutal" prank planned for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Because he's apparently 12.

Thursday on Twitter, Charlie Sheen apologized for making unflattering remarks about his "Two and a Half Men" replacement Ashton Kutcher. Then he almost immediately threatened to put him on a strict diet of "hospital food" if he ever complains again.

The British Heart Foundation selected Nicole Kidman and Prince Harry as the sexiest redheads. So that's what the British Heart Foundation is up to these days.

While auditioning for "The Wolf of Wall Street," Margot Robbie says she actually slapped Leonardo DiCaprio in the face. Pair that with the fact that Jonah Hill actually took a punch in the face in the same film, and we're starting to think Martin Scorsese is a bit of a masochist.

Prince William is set to honor Helen Mirren with the prestigious Fellowship Award at this year's BAFTAs on February 16. We're guessing he saw her work at the Hasty Pudding ceremony.

For throwback Thursday, Kim Kardashian shared an old photo of herself going braless in a makeup chair. But since we've literally already seen her having sex on film, it's pretty tame.

Miley Cyrus posed for three covers of Vogue Germany where she's kinda trying to look like Madonna, but she's got the teeth all wrong. (She also might be topless again in the mag's pages.)

The DailyMail has a video of Justin Bieber getting frisked after his arrest in Miami last month. (We would've thought it would take longer to check his hilariously baggy shorts.)

Pharrell Williams was crowned as the fifth annual Hat Person of the Year by the Headwear Association. But probably not literally crowned, because he was surely wearing some type of over-sized sombrero at the time.

Christie Brinkley — along with fellow swimsuit models Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Gomes and Hannah Davis (among others) — made a swimsuit-soaked in-flight safety video for Air New Zealand.

And finally, Burger King in Japan is now serving burgers with apples and cinnamon mayo on them. We want some.