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Jennifer Lawrence Compared Her Armpit to WHAT?!?



When you tune into an awards ceremony and see Jennifer Lawrence on screen, you can be pretty sure of three things: She's going to win something (deservedly); she's going to look fantastic; and you never know what's going to come flying out of her mouth.

That was the case at Saturday night's SAG Awards, where Lawrence took home a few statuettes for her role in "American Hustle" and stunned in a sparkly strapless Dior gown. Before the show, too, she delighted viewers with the self-deprecating humor we've come to know and expect from the 23-year-old starlet.

When asked about her dress by E!'s red-carpet correspondent Giuliana Rancic, Lawrence began by warning the cameras about one of her least favorite features. "I know I have armpit fat. It's okay though," she mumbled to Rancic.

But when Rancic tried to assuage Lawrence's concerns ("Who doesn't have armpit fat?"), the actress shot back with, "No, it's armpit vaginas. It's awful! I can see myself in all these cameras. This is horrible! I need to wear, like, horse shaders."

Then, realizing that she didn't even come close to answering Rancic's question about her dress, Lawrence added, "Oh, sorry! Dior! You asked me, and all I talked about was my armpit vagina!"

Is it just us, or can you not wait to see what Lawrence lets slip at the Oscars?