‘The Bachelor’ recap: Show catches up with successful ‘Bachelor’ couples, Sean and Catherine dish on wedding plans


Sunday night’s “Bachelor” special caught up with the couples that have made it after the cameras stopped rolling—yes, there are actually some.

The special also served as a walk-up to Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe’s live wedding next Sunday night.  The couple toured their wedding venue, The Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara, Calif., and gushed about their future.

“I am so ready to get married to Catherine,” Sean said.  “She is the person I have always dreamed about and wondered if she existed.”

After viewing the courtyard where the ceremony will take place, the couple toured their honeymoon suite.

“When I first walked in, I got a little giddy already thinking about it,” Catherine said. “Sean and I have been very patient and we have been waiting for our wedding night.”

“Confirmation station,” she said laughing, motioning toward the bed.

“I can’t wait to come back to this room with Sean and be married together, wink wink. I know Sean’s excited, but I’m probably more,” Catherine said.

The most recent Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock, moved to Seattle to be with her chosen fiancé, Chris Siegfried last year.

“Life since ‘The Bachelorette’ has been unreal,” Des said. “Chris and I are doing great as a newly engaged couple. It truly feels like we’re high school sweethearts.

“I never in a million years thought I would have met my match on a TV show, but that’s what happened.  I’m really excited for the next chapter in our lives,” she said. 

“A dog is the next step,” she joked.  “A dog and then a wedding.”

Season 13 Bachelor Jason Mesnick, who infamously changed his mind and picked Molly Malaney shortly after proposing to Melissa Rycroft, has been happily married to Molly since 2010 and the couple also lives in Seattle. 

“Never in a million years did I think I would be married after appearing on ‘The Bachelor,’” Molly said, echoing Des’ sentiments.

“Life has been amazing since the last time you saw us,” Jason said. “We have a little baby.”

Molly and Jason welcomed a girl, Riley, in March 2013.

“Since Des moved here, we got to know [her and Chris] pretty well,” Jason said.

“There was a huge gap of couples not staying together and now everyone is,” Molly said.

The special briefly highlighted a lesser known “Bachelor” couple.  DeAnna Pappas, the season four Bachelorette, only lasted a few months with fiancé Jesse Csincsak before calling off their engagement. 

Luckily, she became good friends with Michael Stagliano, a contestant on Jillian Harris’ season of “The Bachelorette,” who introduced DeAnna to his twin brother, Stephen.  DeAnna and Stephen were married in 2011.

The special also caught up with former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and her husband of one year, J.P. Rosenbaum.

 “It feels like we’ve been together for 25 years,” Ashley said. “Since our wedding we’ve been living a really normal life.  We hopped right back into our everyday reality.”

Ashley and J.P. settled into Princeton, N.J.—a halfway point between J.P.’s construction managing job in New York City and Ashley’s dental residency in Philadelphia—but J.P. said the plan is to move closer to Manhattan when Ashley is done…then comes a baby.

“I want babies right now,” Ashley said grinning. “I have baby fever.”

Trista and Ryan Sutter, the oldest Bachelorette couple, renewed their wedding vows for their anniversary, which aired during the special.   Ryan also surprised his wife with a diamond ring.   The ceremony took place at a restaurant near where they live in Colorado, to represent their current life.

“Ryan and I have been married for 10 years and we’re happier than we’ve ever been,” Trista said.

The couple have two children, ages four and six.

“I hope in the next 10 years, Trista and I continue to grow as a couple,” Ryan said.

“We’ve had rough moments where we don’t even want to be in the same room as each other, but we always come together and we make it work,” Trista said, tearing up. “We’ve been able to always rise above and always come together even if we’re going through difficulties.”

Catherine and Sean’s wedding will air live next Sunday night on ABC.