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The Breakfast Wrap: Gaga's Bad Teeth and Justin Bieber's Ladies of the Night



Here's what's going on this morning:

The first-ever YouTube Awards were thoroughly weird. Lady Gaga wore fake teeth and no pants, and the hosts held crying babies, for some reason.

Justin Bieber was photographed sneaking out of a Brazilian whorehouse under a blanket. Geez, isn't this guy famous enough to get girls on his own?

Both Claire Danes and Miranda Kerr picked the frigid month of November to pose topless, Danes for Interview magazine and Kerr for a celebrity photographer.

Pamela Anderson ran in the NYC Marathon yesterday.

The guy from N*SYNC who isn't Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, JC Chasez or Justin Timberlake got married over the weekend, with all his former bandmates as groomsmen. (His name is Chris Kirkpatrick, btw.)

Josh Brolin got drunk and started throwing punches at a bouncer in Santa Monica. Then he calmed down and hugged the dude. And it's all on tape.

Sharon Stone had lipstick all over her teeth at a Lakers game.

Michelle Pfeiffer says she was once in a cult that believed humans could exist without food or water.

"Fleetwood Mac" singer Stevie Nicks said that Prince was romantically interested in her back when he was recording "Purple Rain."

Kim Kardashian is starting a clothing line for babies, because she had a kid once, and now she's an expert.

And finally, Burger King has bratwurst sandwiches now, because football?