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Will Kate Middleton’s Baby Be a Virgo, Leo or Cancer?



William and Kate are expecting their first baby! Now that the royal pregnancy has been confirmed, we want to know when the third in line to the throne will arrive.

The pregnancy is said to be in its "very early stages." That, combined with the fact that we have yet to see a royal baby bump, has us wondering. 

If Kate is in her first month, the baby can be expected to be a Virgo (8/23-9/22). If she's two months along, we can speculate that the baby will be born a Leo (7/23-8/22). But if Kate is further along at three months, the child could be born a Cancer (6/22-7/22), the same sign as his or her late grandmother, Princess Diana of Wales.

Get ready to mark your calendars — it's sure to be a big day.