An Inside Look at Dr. Conrad Murray's Trial

A Michael Jackson supporter stands outside the courthouse in Los Angeles, California Friday, September 30, 2011.

A Michael Jackson supporter stands outside the courthouse in Los Angeles, California Friday, September 30, 2011.  (Fox News)

Fox News’ Adam Housley is covering the trial in Los Angeles.

What was once a three-ring circus outside the courthouse in Los Angeles, now plays more like a five-cent sideshow and while there may be less acts, there are still more than enough players in the ring to keep everyone watching this trial occupied.

As I type this, a plane flies overhead with a Michael Jackson picture and attached sign that reads “Austrailia Demands Justice!” That follows yesterday's aerial message of "Latin America Demands Justice" -- no word on who pays for these freedoms of speech, but I am confident that money could have been much better spent -- maybe a road, bridge or heck, a school. At least we know that for once Latin America is united, on this front and the Aussies too are on board.

As for the mood back here on the ground, it's all about the show. The hallway inside the courthouse, yet outside the courtroom, is down to about 30 people or so watching the trial on iPad's, smartphones, etc. They hold prayer circles, debates, voice support when the Jackson family enters and stare down the accused when he does the same.

On the first trial day, one of these individuals demanding justice actually tried to approach the accused, Dr. Conrad Murray. Yeah, not a good idea when Murray is being escorted by deputies more annoyed than amused by the folks clad as the King of Pop. 

Most of these individuals have dedicated themselves to being self-employed ambassadors of Michael Jackson, even two years after his death. Some have spray painted t-shirts, while others sport various costumes to back up their aim in life.

As you fight this crowd, along with the normal everyday courthouse goers, into the elevator and down to the sidewalk, the taped-off pen that keeps everyone orderly now only sports 16 “MJ demands justice” supporters, four more who have the difficult position here of supporting Dr. Murray and reporter Jane Velez Mitchell, who highlights their cause. 

A few days removed from the trials' opening, and leaves now outnumber the people in the once packed taped-off pen area.

These people left mostly have small signs demanding -- you guessed it -- justice. One man past retirement age looks more like a 6'5" version of James Brown, rather than an attempt at the King of Pop, but he too is here to ensure that Michael Jackson gets proper treatment by the American justice system. 

There are a few women here who are dedicated every day to letting America know that this is all a conspiracy and that even the 'illuminati' are involved. 

They all chant “justice for Michael” each morning as the Jackson family arrives and at various times during the afternoon, when the family leaves at different times. 

The rest of the day everything is quiet, except for the buses and bustle that races up and down Temple Street.

Speaking of Temple Street, we do get various horn honks throughout the day, those city buses are now joined by their tour bus cousins and for some reason a tractor passes-by every now and then -- I can't figure where the heck the nearest field is, but this isn't California's breadbasket, at least not the one I know.

PR folks claiming their client is our best guest and even the clients themselves visit us. One lady swears she is the best massage therapist and daily gives unwanted samples.

Anesthesiologist Dr. Barry Friedberg has even developed his own press release with a P.O. Box, but no city or town...sadly. He does wear a fair share of cologne that masks the bus exhaust for about five minutes after his daily departure from the media compound.

One final note, the folks who chanted and brought large banners signed by people concerned about Michael from five countries around the globe, well, we are not sure where they have gone, but their backdrops will be sorely missed. Oh great, now it's raining, at least the lunch break is over and I have the trial to take away my focus.

Adam Housley joined Fox News Channel (FNC) in 2001 and currently serves as a Los Angeles-based senior correspondent.