Behind the Scenes Footage of Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery on Tour

Country music is in the house tonight? After Kenny Chesney drew record crowds at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ with his Goin’ Coastal tour, ABC aired its coverage of the CMA Music Festival (“Country’s Night to Rock”) on Sunday in primetime. 

Among those featured in the three-hour special were Idol finalists Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, continuing their twin promo trip around the country. In the behind- the-scenes clip, the the two venture out to greet their fans at several signings, marveling at the crowd they can command in what still seems to be a genuine way (“I didn’t know if anyone was going to realize who we were when we stepped out,” Lauren explains.) 

Playing the role of the stoic victor, Scotty fields questions about when exactly he went through puberty as well as a marriage proposal from one determined admirer (“We are going to get married one day,” she declares. “I look forward to it,” he replies cooly.). 

But the most fun is had during their charity softball game, in which Scotty manages to be humbled by meeting Vince Gill (introducing himself as the more mature “Scott” McCreery) as well as his friend’s superior athleticism. 

“You may have beaten me on 'American Idol,' but I just kicked your butt in softball,” Lauren says matter-of-factly, choosing not to point out that Scotty reached base on an error. Raised on the merits of good scorekeeping, we could never be so kind. 

Watch the schoolyard teasing below, which hovers the line between cute and nauseating.



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