Could this woman really be turning 50?

Heather Locklear is less than two months away from the big 5-0, and she's still pulling off sexy looks on the red carpet with aplomb.

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And believe it or not, her daughter with ex-husband Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi fame is already 14 years old.

So how does she look so ... hot? Locklear goes to the gym five times a week and practices yoga, The Daily Mail reports.

Clearly, her hard work is paying off.

But plenty of 50-something celebs are still turning heads in Hollywood. Supermodel Christie Brinkley still looks shockingly young at 57, and Madonna's oxygen facials seem to be doing the trick.

From Locklear to Brinkley to Madge, click through our slideshow and let us know: Who is the hottest 50-something female?


<a href="" title="Heather Locklear Turning 50: Who's the Hottest 50-Something Female?">Heather Locklear Turning 50: Who's the Hottest 50-Something Female?</a>