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EXCLUSIVE: LaToya Jackson Claims She Was Forced to Do Playboy and Michael Jackson Was Victim of a Murder Conspiracy

The book cover of LeToya Jackson's memoir, "Starting Over".

The book cover of LeToya Jackson's memoir, "Starting Over".

Saturday marks the two-year anniversary since the sudden death of Michael Jackson, and with each passing day, sister LaToya is convinced the King of Pop was murdered by his personal physician in a conspiracy plot that even Michael had premonitions about.

“Dr. Murray was a ‘fall guy,” and I do know that this was a conspiracy and Michael told me repeatedly that he was going to be murdered,” Jackson told FOX411’s Pop Tarts while promoting her new memoir, “Starting Over.” “They were going to kill him because of his publishing and he went into details about the people and things of that nature… I decided to let people know what really happened to him at the end of the book because that’s a part of my life as well.”

Jackson said someone, somewhere knows what really went down on that fateful day, June 25, 2009, and she’s hoping that they’ll soon come forward with the truth.

“The investigation with the way it’s going is focusing on Dr. Murray and I have tried to point and show them that we need to go in a direction and investigate further and deeper into other people,” she continued. “But they have no interest in doing that. I would like to see justice for all parties and all people that were involved in this murder.”

The 55-year-old performer, the fifth child in the Jackson family, also revealed in her book that Paris was the only one of Michael’s three children that chose to see him after he’d passed.

“Paris was very courageous and she wanted to see her father and the others did not. When she got there, the day prior she asked me if she could get a necklace that had two pieces – a love necklace,” Jackson said. “She wanted to wear one around her neck forever and give her father the other half, and that’s what we did the following day. She wrapped it around her wrist.”

Speaking of the children, Jackson said both Prince and Paris are thriving in their school lives and in performing arts classes, while Blanket is enjoying home school.

“He doesn’t wish to go to school so he remains in home-schooling which is wonderful,” she said. “Prince and Paris are doing fabulously well. I’m very proud of them, they love acting and they want to act. I think it is important to support whatever they want to do.”

But aside from the trials and tribulations of her brother’s life and death, “Starting Over” also draws on Jackson’s own tumultuous past in an alleged abusive relationship with her late ex husband/manager, Jack Gordon.

“It’s about the abuse I endured in a relationship for nearly ten years, and I wanted people to understand that women don’t have to be in a relationship of abuse the way I suffered,” she said. “I was locked in closets, I wasn’t allowed to watch television, I wasn’t allowed to have friends or use the telephone or read magazines or books, and lots of beatings.”

And although LaToya posed topless for Playboy in 1989 and vowed that it was a declaration of independence in response to her conservative upbringing, she now says that in reality, it was all just a product of her alleged abuse.

“He forced me to do Playboy and then he had me say, 'Oh this is all my idea, it's something I wanted to do,' so he was very clever like that,” she added. “I would never do Playboy again.”

Deidre Behar contributed to this report.

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