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EXCLUSIVE :Screen Legend Angela Lansbury Says Modern Hollywood Too 'Manipulative'



With an acting career spanning almost 70 years, Angela Lansbury is a Hollywood’s legend.

With a supporting role in the new family flick “Mr. Poppers Penguins,” her first film in six years, the “Murder She Wrote” star found her self surprised at what had become of the industry she grew up in.

“It’s so different that I find it hard for myself to fit into it. And I really don’t. There’s no reason I should,” Lansbury told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “I think it’s important to realize that we don’t make movies today the way we used to. I don’t mean to be an old poke about it, because I realize some movies today are sensationally good, and why? Because of the special effects, the digitalizing of the films in today’s market. It’s all different. I appreciate it, but I’m not particularly wild about being part of it. It’s too manipulative, it can manipulate a performance. I could do something one way, but the way they cut and edit it, it’s something entirely different.”

And when it comes to her own career highlights, the 85-year-old struggled to select any stand-out moments.

“It would be pretty hard to pluck one out one or two things. I was a part of some very wonderful movies that were made during the times of old Hollywood. It’s no longer the old Hollywood, it’s all new here,” she continued. “I hardly recognize it, to tell you the truth. Those early days were very wonderful and quite special.”

But for those seeking an entertainment industry career as long as Lansbury’s, listen up – you have to go with the flow, whether you like it or not.

“You have to know what you do best; you have to keep up your energy and your interest. You have to keep up with the time, with what’s going on, and be aware,” she advised. “You can’t just say I’m not interested in today because it’s not like yesterday. If you want to continue in the business, you just have to keep up.”

Lansbury stars alongside Jim Carrey in the highly-anticipated “Mr. Poppers Penguins,” and similarly to screen character, Carrey said he’s a much better grandfather than he was father.

“You screw it all up the first time around. But I think you just learn as you go,” he told us. “And as you go on in life, you learn how to love better.”


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