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REVIEW: 'Green Lantern' More Like a Dull Flicker

Ever read the “Green Lantern” comics? If not, you might hate this movie. 

Like the “Batman” and “Superman” films? You might hate this movie, too.

“Green Lantern” is one of the summer’s most anticipated movies in an aggressive race along side other costume heroes, but cocky fighter pilot Hal Jordan’s (Ryan Reynolds) emerald glow just doesn’t shine bright enough.

Warner Bros. and DC Comics took a huge gamble with “Green Lantern.” Unlike recent super hero films, which were made for a more general audience, “Green Lantern” throws the gamut of aliens, strange planets and a convoluted history at the audience, hitting you over the head with odd names like Abin Sur and Tomar-Re and a confusing hierarchy of ‘sectors.’

“Green Lantern” has decades of the comic’s mythology to fall back on but the screenplay is fleeting at best. Hal Jordan is chosen by a dying alien to continue in his place as a policeman of the universe. After accepting his role in the Green Lantern Corp., Jordan must help thousands of other Green Lanterns protect their home planet Oa and Earth from a giant amorphous gas cloud with pincers named Parallax.

The fact that there are dozens of aliens flying around isn’t a problem at all. Aliens are fun. They’ve been a staple of pop culture for decades. The major issue with the film is there’s no reason as to why we should even care about these guys who may soon be planet-less. If director Martin Campbell (“Casino Royale”) made any attempt at making the audience care, the film might be successful. But all the attention went to the special effects which at times felt 20 years behind the times.

Still, “Green Lantern” has a decent ensemble, which is the only thing that holds the film together. Ryan Reynolds is perfect as the arrogant but vulnerable Hal Jordan. Blake Lively’s Carol Ferris balances tough-as-nails with puppy love.

The highlight of the film is Peter Sarsgaard’s socially awkward mad scientist Hector Hammond. Sarsgaard again proves he is one of the most versatile actors working today.

The color green in the world of “Green Lantern” is the symbol of strong will. It will take extremely strong will for those un-initiated in the Green Lantern Corp. to sit through this movie.

2.5 out of 5 stars