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Terrell Owens: I Am Going to Be a Movie Star

In this July 25, 2009, photo, Buffalo Bills' Terrell Owens pauses during NFL football training camp in Pittsford, N.Y.

In this July 25, 2009, photo, Buffalo Bills' Terrell Owens pauses during NFL football training camp in Pittsford, N.Y.  (AP)

NFL star/television personality Terrell "T.O" Owens isn't exactly known for his modesty, and the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver made it quite clear where he sees himself once his football career comes to a close.

"I'll be in Hollywood on the big screen," he told FOX411's Pop Tarts at the Grey Goose Lounge Super Bowl soiree in Dallas, TX last weekend. "I did a comedy this past summer called 'Dysfunctional Friends' (co-starring Stacey Dash and Stacy Keibler) with a great cast, hopefully that's a stepping stone for more work."

And T.O has already determined that his acting abilities are pretty advanced.

"With my body type, everyone is talking about me doing action films but I want to go and show my range," he continued. "Comedy was a good stepping stone, but there's more I can do. We'll see."

But before leaving the NFL for the bright lights of Hollywood, Owens has one important goal. In true T.O style, he wants to switch teams (again) to one that "will actually win the Super Bowl."

"Hopefully I can go to a team where I have a legitimate shot of going to the Super Bowl and actually winning," he said. "I've been there once and we came up short, so I need to get there again and actually win it."

On that note, he thinks he might be the one to help the New York Jets make that Super Bowl touchdown.

"I'm a free agent, if the situation is right (I would go.) They are a great team, they've proven themselves and gotten to the AFC (American Football Conference) championships two years in a row," Owens explained. "If I can come in and be of some help and try to get them over the hump than I'll welcome it."

And if there is one thing Owens excels at (aside from football) it is tooting his own horn - and he has no regrets about any past controversies, temper tantrums or explosive comments about teammates or the opponents.

"I've done a great job as far as the things I've done on the field, you can put what I've done on the field versus what I've done off the field against any player in the league and I feel like it stands up there with the best of them," Owens added. "I play hard, I play with a lot of passion on the field and I keep my nose clean off the field, so anyone that wants to question my character, then we'll see what kind of answers you're going to get."

And even though Owens was released from the Dallas Cowboys after the 2008 season, amid rumored conflict with QB Tony Romo, the 37-year-old still enjoyed returning to his old stomping grounds for Super Bowl weekend.

"It feels good to be here, like I never left. It feels bittersweet," Owens added. "I've still got a lot of friends here from the team, and it is a great opportunity for the city of Dallas to have the Super Bowl here."

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