Strong drinks to make your spirits bright

Looking for a drink that may make you do something that will land you on the naughty list? Some of the best bars and mixologists in the country have you covered. Check out these strong holiday cocktails. 



    Churchill's HolidayPachanga Patterson (Astoria, Queens, N.Y.)  Get Recipe Here The Churchill cocktail with a twist. This mix of traditional flavors contains bourbon, triple sec, apple cider, honey simple syrup and cinnamon.


    Dickens In The ParkHenri (Chicago)  Get Recipe Here This sophisticated drink, which can be likened to a Christmas Manhattan, contains bourbon, sweet vermouth, Averna Amaro and cherry vanilla bitters.  


    Emergency Room Lisa Alcalay Klug, Hot Mamalah: The Ultimate Guide for Every Woman of the Tribe Get Recipe Here The objective of this drink is not to send you to the emergency room (although it may if you don’t drink responsibly), but rather do its part to prevent the flu. This Long Island Ice Tea-inspired cocktail contains Emergen-C powder along with the standard tequila, rum, gin, vodka, triple sec and seltzer.


    In-Laws AntidoteGoose & Gander (Napa Valley, Calif.)  Get Recipe Here This flavorful drink is made with rye whiskey, Campari and sweet vermouth.


    Quartieri SpagnoliPizzArte (New York)  Get Recipe Here This bizarre boozy treat is made with tomato & basil infused tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice, and smoked salt for the rim. It’s garnished with a skewer of cherry tomato, mozzarella and basil.


    Who's the BossWOOD Restaurant (Chicago)  Get Recipe Here Be the boss of this Manhattan-like cocktail, which is made with rye whiskey, honey liqueur, vermouth, Angostura bitters and fig bitters.
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