Danish NGO puzzled by Turkish decision to expel staff

The secretary-general of a Danish NGO working in Turkey with Syrian refugees says five of the organization's employees have been expelled while five others — all Syrians — are being detained by Turkish authorities.

Birgitte Qvist-Soerensen of Danchurchaid says "it is frustrating not to have gotten an explanation as to why" its staff have been forced to stop "at a time when our presence there is highly needed."

Qvist-Soerensen said Friday a Dane, two Britons and an Irish national arrived in London late Thursday, while the fifth person, a Jordanian, had returned to Amman. She fears the five Syrians may be deported to Syria.

She dismissed a Turkish media description of them as "agents for foreign powers."

Turkey is home to some 3 million refugees, mostly Syrians.