Germany shopping mall evacuated as police hunt possible terror suspect

A shopping center in the north German city of Bremen was evacuated Wednesday evening as police searched for an Algerian man who fled a psychiatric facility while making terrorist threats.

A police spokeswoman told Reuters that patrons of the Weserpark shopping mall had contacted authorities to report a suspicious man. That person was later identified as a 19-year-old man who had escaped that morning from a psychiatric facility.

"It's possible that the missing man has hidden something in the shopping center," police spokesman Nils Matthiesen told Sky News. "It could be a device or some other dangerous item."

Police spokesman Arno Zumbach told the Bild tabloid that the unidentified suspect had made threatening statements about ISIS and last week's mass shooting in Munich, in which nine people were killed and 16 others were wounded. 

Zumbach added that the suspect shouted "I'll blow you all up!" as he fled the facility. 

The unidentified police spokeswoman told Reuters that the suspect was still at large after the mall was evacuated. She said there were no injuries, and added "this is not an anti-terrorism operation."

Earlier, a supermarket in the city had been evacuated because of a bomb threat, but it was reopened after several hours.

Germany has been on edge after a string of attacks over the past week, two of which have been linked to ISIS.