Worker sues his bosses for more than $400,000 over job that was 'too boring'

A Frenchman is suing his bosses for $405,902 for giving him work that was “too boring.”

Frederic Desnard, 44, quit his job after four years of menial tasks that he called a “descent into hell” and which left him “depressed, destroyed and ashamed.”

French media say it is France’s first ever legal claim for a term they have called a “bore-out.”

Desnard said he was hired as a manager at the Paris-based perfume company but was gradually stripped of his responsibilities until he felt he “didn’t exist.”

He told France’s BFM television: “I left for work each day with a desperate, sinking feeling.

“Then when I arrived I would often break down in tears.

“But no-one noticed because no one really cared whether I was there or not.

“I was left depressed and ashamed of being paid for doing nothing.”

Jean-Phillipe Benissan, lawyer for the Interparfums perfume company, said: “Mr Desnard never said anything about being bored during the four-year period.

“And if he actually had nothing to do over all these years, why didn’t he mention it?”

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