Northern Ireland police arrest 14 men after IRA funeral

Northern Ireland police say they have arrested 14 men on suspicion of Irish Republican Army membership following an IRA funeral featuring a military-style procession beside an Irish flag-draped coffin.

Officers made Thursday's arrests after the funeral for 36-year-old Michael Barr in the Northern Ireland border town of Strabane, a power base for rival factions of the outlawed IRA. Barr, a member of the New IRA splinter group, was fatally shot April 25 in a Dublin pub as part of a long-running feud within Ireland's criminal underworld.

The coffin bearing the Strabane native was carried down a main street flanked by a dozen men dressed in black berets, combat fatigues and mirrored sunglasses. Police directed by a surveillance helicopter arrested suspected members of the honor guard as mourners dispersed.