Terror charges against Maldives ex-VP over boat blast

The government of the Maldives says an ousted vice president has been charged with terrorism for his alleged role in an explosion on the president's speedboat last September.

Ahmed Adeeb (ahh-MED ah-DEEB) was arrested days after the blast which injured the wife of President Yameen Abdul Gayoom (YAH-meen AHB-dool g-eye-OOM) and two others. Weeks later Adeeb was voted out of office.

Government spokesman Ibrahim Hussain Shihab said Thursday that Adeeb and five military personnel were charged in a criminal court this week. Adeeb is accused of helping the military personnel plant explosives and abuse of his authority in gaining access to the boat.

The government of the Indian Ocean island nation says the blast was caused by a bomb, but FBI investigators said they found no evidence of a bomb.