NYPD cop-turned-pimp busted after months of surveillance



A New York Police Department cop accused of working as a pimp on his off-hours is now facing up to 10 years in prison.

For more than six months, the FBI followed and investigated NYPD Officer Eduardo Cornejo after receiving a tip last year that he was using his own personal vehicle to drive prostitutes throughout New York and New Jersey.

Police say Cornejo, a 10-year NYPD veteran, drove women in his own personal vehicle to and from motels in Staten Island, Secaucus and Fort Lee. He would often begin his pimping directly after leaving his NYPD job, police said.

He has since been fired from his job but was on duty as early as January 15th this year.

Court documents detail an FBI investigation that began in earnest in July 2015. Undercover officers followed Cornejo's vehicle for six months before eventually bugging his car and recording conversations inside – which all but caught the cop-turned-pimp in action.

"Who is going to f*** you today?” Cornejo says to an unidentified woman in his car, according to transcripts. 

“They both made like 400 bucks…I go for 60-40, and then they count it," he's heard telling a female in his vehicle, referring to how he splits the money with the at least 10 prostitutes working for him.

“I believe this pattern of travel activity, which includes numerous afternoon and evening visits to hotels and motels, is consistent with transporting women to engage in prostitution,” FBI Special Agent Rocky Van Warden said in a criminal complaint detailing the evidence against Cornejo.

Undercover investigators followed Cornejo picking up women and dropping them off at various motels. In many of the detailed incidents, officers would search classified local classified escort ads and match photos of the women in the ads with women coming in and out of Cornejo's car. 

Other times, police would text numbers in the escort ads and sexual offers were made to meet at the specific motels cops. Cornejo, the complaint said, visited those hotels as well.

Police also seized surveillance video from inside the motels. In one incidence, two unidentified women were seen coming in and out of a motel room connected to another room where a Bachelor Party was taking place.

According to the New York Daily News, Cornejo was married to Sgt. Kema Cornejo who received an award in 2013 for saving an elderly mugging victim. She reportedly had no idea about his escort life. They have been separated for 14 months.


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