Dissindent Ugandan general arrested ahead of elections

A lawyer for a military general who opposes Uganda's longtime president says his client has been arrested ahead of presidential elections next month.

Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi said the home of Gen. David Sejusa, who has called President Yoweri Museveni a dictator, has been surrounded by armed security officials.

Sejusa's arrest is likely to raise tensions ahead of presidential elections on Feb. 18.

Museveni, who is seeking re-election, has ruled Uganda since 1986.

In 2013, Sejusa wrote a letter to the domestic spy chief urging him to investigate allegations of a plot to kill high-ranking government officials seen as being opposed to the political rise of Museveni's son. Facing likely arrest, Sejusa, who, was traveling in Europe at the time, sought asylum in London. He quietly returned home in Dec. 2014.