A reporter freed from Iran almost a week ago in a prisoner swap is now the third and final American to head back to the U.S., The Washington Post revealed Friday.

Jason Rezaian left the U.S. military's Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany Friday, according to the newspaper. His final destination was unclear.

"I appreciate the exceptional care I received from the doctors and medical staff, as well as the hospitality we were shown during our stay on the base," Rezaian said in a statement. Iran had held him for more than 500 days, the longest detention of any Western journalist in the Islamic Republic, the newspaper reports.

Two other Americans, retired Marine Amir Hekmati and pastor Saeed Abedini, returned to the U.S. Thursday. The Boise-based pastor was scheduled to spend time at the Billy Graham Training Center in North Carolina before reuniting with his wife on Monday.

Hekmati, who spent 4 1/2 years in an Iranian prison, arrived in Flint, Mich. to waiting reporters and well-wishers.

"Despite all of the difficulties, thank God, thanks to everyone's support -- everybody from the president, Congressman (Dan) Kildee, everyday Americans -- I'm standing here healthy, tall, and with my head held high," Hekmati said in brief remarks. "I'm glad to be here, and I appreciate everyone's support."

Hekmati kept his comments brief, and said he would share more about his experiences later. Asked about the time in prison, Hekmati said, "it wasn't good," but that his Marine training helped sustain him.

Rezaian was convicted on espionage charges behind closed doors last year. Abedini was imprisoned in 2012 for setting up home churches.

An Iranian-American prisoner, Nosratollah ­Khosravi-Roodsari, opted to stay in Iran after his release.