Ex-Pakistani president Musharraf acquitted in murder case

A court has acquitted former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf in a murder case involving the killing of a nationalist leader, Akbar Bugti, who had died in a military operation.

Prosecution and defense lawyers say an anti-terrorism court announced the verdict Monday in the southwestern city of Quetta.

Musharraf's lawyer Akhtar Shah says the court accepted his argument that his client has nothing to do with the killing.

Musharraf's government launched a crackdown on separatist insurgents in Baluchistan province and Bugti was killed in a raid in 2006.

Separatists in Baluchistan province want complete autonomy and have been fighting for a greater share of revenue from their region's natural resources.

Bugti's counsel Sohail Rajput says he will appeal the verdict in a higher court.