Ex-Guantanamo detainees thank Ghana; President quells fears

Two former Guantanamo prisoners have thanked Ghana for allowing them to settle in the country following their release, as the president of the West African nation seeks to quell fears that the men pose any danger.

The two Yemenis, Mahmud Umar Muhammad Bin Atef and Khalid Muhammad Salih Al-Dhuby, were held as enemy combatants and cleared in 2009. They are the first Guantanamo prisoners resettled in sub-Saharan Africa, and among the first of 17 expected to be released this month.

Ghanaian President John Mahama on Tuesday said the country took in the detainees after a direct request by the United States government, and they did not pose a security threat.

Bin Atef told state radio that they are grateful to the people of Ghana.