Iran: No.2 official in Bahrain Embassy must leave the country within 72 hours

Iranian state media is reporting that the country's Foreign Ministry has ordered a senior Bahraini diplomat to leave Iranian territory in 72 hours.

In a statement on Friday, Iran's Foreign Ministry declared Bassam Al-Dosari, the second highest ranking diplomat in the Bahraini Embassy, as "persona non grata."

The move comes one day after Bahrain ordered the acting Iranian charge d'affaires to leave and recalled its own ambassador over allegations the Islamic Republic sponsored "subversion" and funneled arms to Bahraini militants.

Bahrain, which has faced four years of unrest from Shiite activists demanding more political freedom, often accuses Iran of meddling in its internal affairs.

Bahraini authorities announced late Wednesday they had seized 1.5 tons of explosives at a suspected militant hideout in a warehouse south of the capital, Manama.