Search of freighter stopped in Greece nets 5,000 shotguns, nearly 500,000 bullets _ so far

Greek authorities say a partial inventory of unregistered weapons found on a Libya-bound freighter includes nearly 500,000 rounds of ammunition and 5,000 "police-style" shotguns.

A coast guard statement Wednesday said that so far two of the 14 containers found on the Bolivian-flagged Haddad 1 have been searched. A coast guard special unit stopped the ship early Tuesday off Crete, and took it to the island's port of Iraklio.

The coast guard said the weaponry had been concealed at the bottom of the two containers, under furniture and exercise mats.

The search of the remaining containers is continuing.

The Haddad 1 sailed from the Turkish port of Iskenderun on Aug. 29 and was headed for Libya — on which the United Nations have imposed an arms embargo.