Bug off: Spanish company creates mosquito-repellent shirt

A Spanish textile company has designed a shirt that won’t bug you.

The Catalonia-based company, STINGBye, created a shirt that that repels mosquitos and other insects such as mites, ticks, lice and bedbugs. The shirts are only available in Spain, but the company plans to go global in the near future.

The shirts, which were introduced in June, are available in 80 pharmacies across Spain.

The shirt contains Permethrin, a repellent that is added to the completed garment and holds for up to 100 washes. The insecticide has an efficiency rate of 94 percent, and the shirt has been certified by Sanitized, the world-leading Swiss Company in the antimicrobial hygiene solutions.

"The repellent agent does not generate any odor, while the garment has a soft touch for children and adults and serves against all types of insects," STINGBye partner Silvia Oviedo told EFE.

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"The shirt could be useful in tropical countries suffering deadly diseases affected by insects like dengue fever. Therefore, the company plans to export the product as of next September," Oviedo added.

Insect repellent clothing has been catching on throughout the world, particularly in Asia – where retailers sell cardigans, hoodies and leggings that deter mosquitos.

Critics, however, say that the mosquitos often find their way to patches of bare skin even when they wear clothing with mosquito repellent.

Includes material from EFE.

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