Home Alone, 13-Year-Old Boy Comes Face to Face With Two Burglars

TEMPE - A 13-year-old boy was home alone when a group of burglars broke in, and he came face to face with them.0

They forced him to wear a pillowcase while they robbed and ransacked his house.

It happened at an apartment complex near University & Price Road in Tempe, eastern Arizona.

Alexis Chavez said the two men began ringing the doorbell. He didn't recognize the men, so he went into his room and hid. The burglars broke the bathroom skylight and came into the apartment. They kicked in his bedroom door and that's when they face to face with the boy.

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"They came in and they didn't know I was here, so they told me to get on the pillow and cover my head with a blanket so that I wouldn't see them," he said.

The men asked Alexis to tell them where more valuables were, but he didn't tell them. Instead, he told them that his mother was coming home at any time.

"I told them that she might come home during her lunch, they said they could take care of her," said Chavez.

After being in the house for about an hour they left, a short time later Alexis's mom came home, and they called the police. His mom is thankful everything turned out the way it did, and nobody got hurt.

"I always come home for a lunch time, to make sure he's ok, never thought of this, I come home to see him for a minute, and then run back to work, I never, ever, expected anything like this," said Lauren Holden.

Tempe Police applaud Alexis's actions calling him brave. Alexis was able to give police a description of the burglars.

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