Police: Bank Robbers In Deadly Gun Battle Were Gang Members

Booking photo of Jaime Ramos, 19, provided by the Stockton Police Department Thursday, July 17, 2014.

Booking photo of Jaime Ramos, 19, provided by the Stockton Police Department Thursday, July 17, 2014.  (ap)

The sole survivor of a gang of bank robbers who took three women hostage and led police through an hour-long, high-speed gun battle Wednesday night, was a 19-year-old gang member.

Jaime Ramos, who used a hostage as a shield from police in the deadly shootout, was booked into the San Joaquin County Jail on suspicion of homicide, kidnapping, robbery and attempted murder, was an associate with the Nortego gang, the San Francisco Gate reported.

Police said Ramos, along with the other robbers, ages 27 and 30, were heavily armed, had ammunition magazines taped and strapped to their bodies with the intention to kill.

“In my over two decades of law enforcement I have never seen or experienced this type of total disregard for human life,” Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones told reporters.

During the hour-long chase through the streets, two of the hostages jumped or were thrown from the stolen SUV, one of them while the vehicle may have been going more than 50 mph. At least one suffered a gunshot wound. Both were expected to survive.

The third hostage was killed in the shootout. Police said she was used by Ramos as a shield.

The drama began when the men held up a Bank of the West branch in Stockton, a city about 80 miles east of San Francisco, and took two bank employees and a customer hostage. It ended in a hail of gunfire after police shot out the tires of the getaway vehicle.

It was not clear whether the hostage who died — the bank customer — was shot by police or by the robbers.

"What we've got to remember is what and who started this very deadly incident. It's three armed and very violent suspects," police spokesman Joe Silva said.

Police said that they recovered at least three handguns and an assault rifle.

"It was such a chaotic ... fluid situation, really one of the most dangerous, tense situations that a police officer could go through," Jones said. He added: "There was a lot on the line and the officers responded appropriately."

Fourteen police cars and many homes along the chase route were peppered with bullets, Jones said.

"The firing never stopped," Jones said. "They were trying to kill (the officers), no doubt."

Witnesses said the shootout that brought the episode to a close looked like a war.

"It sounded like five minutes of straight gunfire," Sam York told KCRA-TV. "It seemed like it wasn't real."

At one point during the pursuit, the SUV — taken from a bank employee — stopped around a corner and turned to face the direction officers were coming from, in what would have been an ambush, police said.

One of the gunmen was leaning out, taking aim with a rifle, police said. An officer shot at the gunman, and the SUV took off again.

When the SUV's tires were shot and the vehicle came to a stop, officers exchanged fire with at least one of the robbers, police said.

When it was all over, the last hostage was found dead in the SUV along with one of the gunmen, police said. A second gunmen died later at a hospital.

Jose Maldonado, who said he saw the robbers taking the women out of the bank, said the men had rifles slung over their shoulders and didn't seem to care that there were police all around.

"They were not afraid. They weren't going to take no for an answer. These poor women, they were screaming, they were so distraught, so scared," Maldonado said.

Police did not say how much was taken in the bank robbery. During the holdup, the gunmen also tied up a security guard.

According to the San Francisco Gate, the FBI joined an investigation into the suspects; potential connection to other bank robberies.

Based on reporting by The Associated Press.

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