German princess fined for violent, drunken, anti-Muslim rant

A German princess is making headlines in Europe after she appeared drunk, stripped off her clothes, and ranted about killing Muslims at a recent party in Scotland.

Princess Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein, 27, was fined £1,000 (about $1700) and admitted to one charge of disturbing the peace aggravated by religious prejudice, and two counts of assault as a result of the incident, Sky News reported.  

The princess was attending an Oktoberfest party at the prestigious St. Andrews college in Scotland-- where she was once a student-- when she tried to climb a fence and started taking off her clothes. Event staff managed to get her to a first aid tent where she told worker Farah Hussein: "I was doing my nails this morning. I wondered how many Muslims I could kill."

Sayn-Wittgenstein then violently attacked another medical worker and a security guard, kicking one and trying to head-butt the other, before colleagues managed to pin her to the ground.

When police arrived, the German royal was so aggressive they had to put her in leg restraints before transporting her by van to a local police station.

During a hearing on the case Thursday, Prosecutor Trina Sinclair told the court Hussein was trying to help the near-naked princess to put her clothes back on when Sayn-Wittgenstein launched into an anti-Muslim tirade, prompting Hussein to flee the room in tears.

"The accused stood on a chair and began to rant about her human rights,” Sinclair said.

Sayn-Wittgenstein tried to hide from photographers under a brunette wig as she arrived at Dundee Sheriff Court with her father Prince Ludwig Thursday. She lives in Germany and works for her father’s alternative energy firm but gave an address in Chelsea, London, on court papers.

Defense attorney Douglas Williams said his client had a thyroid condition which may have contributed to her erratic behavior. Williams said Sayn-Wittgenstein, who graduated from St. Andrews in 2011, had "brought shame on herself and her family."

"Her behavior was totally out of character. She has a degree in international relations and has lived in Jordan, immersing herself in Middle Eastern culture," Williams added.