Anthony Weiner’s Online Latino Alias ‘Carlos Danger’ Causes Pseudonym Craze

New York City Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner during a news conference at the Gay Men's Health Crisis headquarters, Tuesday, July 23, 2013, in New York.

New York City Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner during a news conference at the Gay Men's Health Crisis headquarters, Tuesday, July 23, 2013, in New York.  (AP2013)

It appears disgraced politician Anthony Weiner was trying to channel his inner Latin lover in his latest sexting scandal.

On Tuesday, Weiner, former Democratic congressman and current candidate for New York City mayor, was outed by gossip website "The Dirty" for using the online alias "Carlos Danger."

Apparently, he sent more X-rated messages more than a year after he resigned from the U.S. House of Representatives in disgrace for the same sort of behavior with at least a half-dozen women, to which he had previously confessed.

And while the incident is no laughing matter for those close to him, starting with his wife, this new Weiner scandal has provided tons of entertainment for the rest of the world.

Slate decided to capitalize on the opportunity and created a widget on their site so anyone could "get a name like Anthony Weiner’s alleged sexting pseudonym.

And since Weiner adopted a Latino first name for his persona, everyone who creates their own sexting pseudonym gets one as well.

Everyone from your average social media user to high-ranking politicians have been eager to determine their new Weiner identity.

Republicans have had an especially fun time with the error in judgment by a politician from the rival party.

In a news release, the National Republican Senatorial Committee provided a list of other Democratic candidates own "Carlos Danger" alias, saying if they “want to continue to hide from the abhorrent behavior of their colleagues, they may as well use an alias."

And many leading politicians and publications have called on Weiner to quit his mayoral campaign. But he's having none of it and pledged to march on.

The woman with whom Weiner exchanged the messages told "The Dirty" that she was 22 when she began chatting with him on a social networking site. She said their online relationship began in July 2012 and lasted six months.

She said that Weiner used the alias "Carlos Danger" for their exchanges but that she knew she was talking to the former congressman.

The exchanges posted on "The Dirty" consist of sexually explicit images, fantasizing about various sex acts. At one point, the man reported to be Weiner wrote, "I'm deeply flawed."

The woman said Weiner promised to help her get a job at the news website Politico and suggested meeting in a Chicago condo for a tryst.

The woman said she and Weiner also exchanged nude photos of themselves and engaged in phone sex.

"The Dirty" ran a pixelated photo of what it said were Weiner's genitals.

"This was a bad situation for me because I really admired him. Even post scandal, I thought he was misunderstood. Until I got to know him. I thought I loved him. Pretty pathetic," the woman was quoted as telling the website.

She said he later asked her to destroy the evidence of their chats. She insisted that she never had sex with Weiner or received any payment from him.

The woman said her relationship with Weiner "fizzled" in November 2012. She said she last heard from him this past April, when his intention to run for mayor was revealed in a New York Times Magazine profile.

Weiner said that not every allegation made by the woman was true but that he was not going to dispute specific claims.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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